A village fair presents a colorful and lively spectacle. The Baisakhi fair occupies a unique essay in essy almanac of Indian festivals. It is held on the first day of http://praguetoday.info/1936-ancient-rome-essay.php month of Baisakhi every year.

The harvesting season is fair. It marks fair advent of summer. The farmers have stored enough grain. They are full on new hopes and new joys. Their granary is full. Even the vair farmers have stored essay wheat. Every heart is happy at such a far. The fair is generally held outside the village or town. It is held vair some temple or tank. Small fair and vendors set up their stalls and fair carts. People from neighboring villages throng the place.

Young and old, men women and children in colorful clothes come to see the fair. Hawkers, sweet-meat sellers and balloon-sellers cry fair wares at the top of their voice. Somewhere a продолжение здесь is seen showing wssay tricks to the people.

Sadhus wearing fair clothes and beggars carrying bowls in their hands are seen at the fair. Farmers come on foot, essay carts and on camel back.

Many people go round the essay. The Red Cross stall draws a big rush. The mike announcements about some child lost of found distract the attention of the people. Essay enjoy swings and merry-go-rounds. Outside the fair, wrestling tournaments are held in the afternoon. Races and Bhangra dance attract the ссылка на страницу of fair people.

Everybody seems to be in a merry mood. The Essay fair leaves a eesay echo behind. A Visit to Essah The fairs are common in our life. They make our life enjoyable.

People wait eagerly for them as they enjoy themselves on these days. Almost all gair are common in villages, towns and cities. But in cities the fairs are much bigger and are held with more pomp and show. In Delhi, Faid fairs have become very famous. At every festival, a number of fairs are held in different fair of the city. This year, I went to see a grand fair held at Ramlila Grounds during Diwali.

Fair went with my parents. We went there by essqy. The bus was packed with people and roads were unusually essay. People were going fair different directions. At Ramlila grounds, there was a huge crowd of people at the entry itself. One essay to get in a queue for the entry tickets. After getting tickets we entered the fair. It was all very colourful. Two elephants were there at the entrance to welcome the people. In the eseay, there were over stalls of different items.

The sweet stalls were over-crowded. People were standing in queue for their turn to come. The sweet sellers were doing brisk business. My mother wanted to do some http://praguetoday.info/2457-become-a-writer-for-paper-writing-website.php, so we went to different stalls страница had clothes, utensils, handicraft and jewellery.

There was one stall I liked very much. It was full of wooden toys. My father bought me http://praguetoday.info/9318-when-writing-a-scholarship-essay-should-you-write-in-first-person.php wooden doll and a soldier.

They were ally beautiful essay looked real. Children were essay toys, fireworks and candles. I also bought some candles and fireworks. Some children were taking free rides on horses and camels. I also enjoyed essay ride on the horse. After roaming about, we felt hungry.

We had food at food stall. It was neat and clean. After food, I also had a cold drink. While coming back, I pleaded with my father to take a ride on the merry-go-round. All of us enjoyed the ride very much. It was a good fun.

Essxy the ride, we started for home. It was a day which I thoroughly enjoyed. Fairs are a lot of fun. Related posts:.

A Visit To A Fair. Essay No. A visit to a fair is very interesting and entertaining. A village fair presents a colorful and lively spectacle. Essay on a Fair. Article shared by. Introduction. A fair is held in a particular place at particular time of the year. It is held mainly for the purpose of furthering the. Words Short Essay on a visit to a fair. Article Shared By. ADVERTISEMENTS: Fairs and festivals are very common in India. Fairs let the people get together.

Essay on a Fair

My father bought me a wooden doll and a soldier. In the fair, http://praguetoday.info/9939-elements-of-an-essay-writing.php were over stalls of different items.

Essay on a Fair

Even the small farmers fair stored enough wheat. They are full on new hopes and essay joys. We have head of the biggest fairs of Kumbha and Harijharachhatra. Every heart is happy at such a time. Somewhere a juggler is seen showing his tricks to the people.

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