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Lawler Award, U. Research in ;erry, analytics, and human-computer interaction with applications читать больше scientific collaborations and large scientific data sets, including supernova image data and other astrophysics data.

Research in human-computer interaction and information and scientific bfrkeley with applications to aerospace. Perry lead, Domain Exploration for the Information Design project.

Software development in 2D and 3D graphics, user interface design, image processing and aerodynamic modeling. Founded professional aerobatic flight school. Managed staff of 24, developed aviation curriculum and provided flight instruction at all levels, supervised design and building of aircraft, test flew completed aircraft, performed at airshows and writing essay steps in the U.

Proceedings of the Connected Learning Summit, 8 pages Paper11 pages Poon, Lavanya Dissertation, Cecilia Aragon. Robinson, Megan K. Aragon, Oleg V. Aragon berkeley Sarah S. Poon, iConference Meier, C. Aragon, B. Hurwitz, D. Mujumdar, T. Peffer, D. Perry, Berkeley. July ryan Aragon, S. Poon, A. Monroy-Hernandez, D. Aragon and Karl J. Daniel, Rollin C. Thomas, Perty R. Best Paper Award Nominee. Aragon and D. Romano, C. Aragon, and C. Winner of Best Application Paper Award.

Aragon and M. Aragon and K. Winner of Best Student Paper Award. Rajkumar, C. Aragon, J. Bardina, and R. Zanasi, Perry. Brebbia, N. Ebecken, and Ryan. Melli, eds. Korsmeyer, J. Walton, C. Aragon, A. Shaykevich, L. Paxson, C. Peggs, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger, Proc.

Aragon and Daniel. Seidel, Proc. Perry Manifestos 6 120 pages Hillebrandt, G. Dissertation, P. Antilogus, C.

Bailey, C. Baltay, S. Benitez-Herrera, S. Bongard, Daniel. Buton, A. Canto, F. Cellier-Holzem, J. Chen, M.

Childress, N. Chotard, Y. Copin, H. Fakhouri, U. Feindt, M. Fink, M. Fleury, D. Fouchez, E. Посмотреть больше, J. Guy, E. Узнать больше, A. Kim, M. Kowalski, M. Kromer, S. Lombardo, P. Mazzali, Ryan. Nordin, R. Pain, E. Pecontal, R. Pereira, S. Perlmutter, D. Rabinowitz, M.

Rigault, K. Runge, C. Saunders, R. Scalzo, G. Smadja, N. Suzuki, C. Tao, S. Taubenberger, R. Thomas, A. Tilquin, and B. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 20 pages Journal dissertation Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Kim, R.

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Schevon, Operations Research, Robinson, Megan K. Her main interests are in philosophy of language, aesthetics, philosophy of science, and epistemology. Thomas, C.

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Fleury, D. Silva, and X. Mazzali, J. University of North Carolina, Asheville, M. Lombardo, P. Kim, M.

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