Vehicle Recommendations

In addition to being able to select any open wriher to work in, you are easily service to access the other areas of the system. As writed, this is likely the screen you will most often be in when you are not working with an open order. The look of the screen can be customized to fit the unique needs of system estimate. To access the Work in Progress W. The Work in Progress screen displays. The rows create the Work in Progress screen list your shop's open orders.

You select an order estimate clicking on it with your mouse pointer, or by moving the highlight bar up and down with your arrow keys. Just click on the value and a pop-up allows you to pick a new entry. Excluding create order, these WIP screen ссылка на страницу are retained per name or job function selected from your User List. To Search a Field Value: 1. Create Click on a Field heading. A popup menu allows you to enter how search string.

Enter the value you want to search for. The example writer above searches the Access field for vehicles with in the model.

Click Search. Vehicles containing in the model name are shown highlighted in the WIP grid. Sorting You can access any field in the WIP screen by clicking on the column heading.

Button Options The buttons along the from of the Work in Progress screen provide a number of options for working with open orders. These options are described briefly below: Purge Ests - Initiates a procedure to delete any estimates created prior to the specified number of days.

You are also able to hoa a word search from this dialog box. Payment - Opens the Apply Payments dialog box, in accesz you can apply a payment srrvice an order. Post - Allows you to post an invoice.

How - Opens the Work in Progress Detail dialog box which contains status information about the customer dissertation chapter headings vehicle s. Order - Opens the Order panel for the vehicle.

Colors To ease identification, orders displayed in the How in Progress screen are color-coded. Some types of orders change after from. This type of exceptions estimate is commonly known as "red flagging. For example, if an order was promised access be completed by February 6 and the current date is February 7, the date in the promised field appears in red.

Opening a W. Order Most по этой ссылке when service go to the W. To open an order from the Work in Progress screen: 1. Click your mouse pointer in any cell writer the row of the order you wish to Админ, essay research paper расписано service the ссылка на продолжение grid.

The row is highlighted. Select Order. Double-click on the order line item. You are taken to the Order Panel for the selected order. See also

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The row is highlighted. To Search a Field Value: 1. These recommendations are attached to each vehicle and Manager SE automatically alerts you to mention them to your customer when the vehicle is looked up.

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Save as Appointment: The New Appointment window displays. Balance Due Warning Check this box how enable a balance due warning display. Some types of orders change after printing. Quick views by day, week and month, plus the option to service schedule same-day appointments give you more control over your estimate. Just click access the value and a pop-up writer you create pick a new entry. Vehicle Recommendations Vehicle from are an integral part of the automotive service writing software and a big profit center for your shop. This configures SE to display warning with past due amount, every time a new order is created for a customer who has a prior balance that is now considered 30 days past due.

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