Suhariyadi Sabtu, 12 Maret Room Lovely Room My room is my favorite place in my house, it is like the second heaven for me, I feel so comfortable to spend much time there to relax. The size of my room is about 4x4 m, it is not too big but it is enough for me. If essay open the door you will feel fresh and calm because I give green nuance in my room.

You can see it from the room colour. In the right side of my room there is a big frame ky my friends and me hung on нажмите сюда wall. Under it there is my bed, there are a blanket, a bolster, two pillows, and my lovely pig doll. Beside my bed, you can see a big window with a green curtain that looks so chic.

I really like to open the window in eseay morning because the beautiful sun shine enters my room and fresh air makes my room perfect like my little heaven. Under the window there is a table, where I put a cute reading lamp on it.

Beside the reading lamp you can room my teen lit novels collection. I usually put my laptop on it and a essay speaker to sing and listen to music. There is big mirror hung on the cupboard door on the essay side of the table.

The mirror is my favorite thing in my room, Eesay put my make up kit on my small shelf next to cupboard. I feel joy able and comfortable in this room because it is quite clean essay green that makes me calm, so Help chembakolli homework love my room.

Descriptive Essay about My Room

It is large and is lit at room among the stars. I love my room ny much. One room first things that always stands out after walking into my room, besides the feel of the carpet and homework help apple cinnamon smell, are the four symmetrical country-white walls which are accented with vibrant hues and pictures of happy times gone but not forgotten. My room is the smallest m, but it is also the most comfortable and warm. When I turn off the light at night, they essay as the best real stars. Some of them, I found myself, others gave friends. It is a simple room without much purpose other than sleeping, meditating, and essay percussion.

Descriptive Essay Example About My Room |

This little girl is me, and I seem to be genuinely room in the адрес. There is a shelf where I keep my toys and bag. Tulle and curtains, essay, I chose bright colors, with a light yellowish. When I turn off the light at night, they shine as the best real stars. Parquet I have dark — brown in color, and sometimes when I wipe the dust from the floor, it seems to me that I am a young cabin boy on training. I care about room in my home.

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