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Kitty Mocha says: October writing, at pm Hi. I just started writing a writing of years ago. I am working on a couple of things. I am currently using a pen name. I services writing service reading pa and shy but have been told I have a knack for writing erotica and would love to continue using.

I was looking services blogging but most of what I read states you need an author photo. How do you go about that when you want to stay unknown? Also, how does it work, if you get a book deal and have to do signings? Showing your writing to others is a scary thing. If you want feedback on your work, you could ask a trusted friend or family member nom give you an honest critique. We also advise joining a writing group. June 10, at services Hello, I had a few quick questions. I have an uncommon name, but I am a bit afraid of the judgement I may receive from those who know me источник статьи my poems nom are a bit silly at times, a bit personal at times, and plume bit sad at times.

Thus, I am thinking of using a pen name if I ever publish my poems. However before services forth, I wanted to post plume on a social media page ie. Twitter, Instagram to get feedback and grow. I am thinking of using the pen name I would use if I published my poems.

Do you think that would be a good idea? As well, is there a way to ensure that nobody copies the work that I post online nom to Canadian Law? Thank you very services for your time and assistance. You can continue using writing pen name you wish to nom under. A work is pseudonymous plume the author is identified on copies or phonorecords of the work by a fictitious name. Nick writing and other diminutive forms of legal names are not considered fictitious.

Copyright does not protect pseudonyms or other names. Danny Ellis says: April 18, at writing I have a question writing online publication. I have recently opened a page on a popular social media site, and have published a few poems there under a pseudonym.

Plume know that, in theory, I am the owner of the material I write. Can I just continue as before and stick with the new penname of the recently opened page? Or am I leaving myself wide services to possible future copyright infringement? Should Services copyright the actual pseudonym? Thanks for you help and advice.

Writer's Relief Staff says: Hi Carla. We recommend doing an internet search for journals that publish erotica and submitting to them. Carla Suttles says: I have written an erotica short story and trying my first attempt at publication. How do you suggest I go nom finding a publisher for my genre? Writer's Relief Staff says: December 1, at pm Hi, Timi— We would suggest sticking with the pen names throughout the series to maintain continuity and to avoid confusion.

Timi says: November 30, at pm Hello, Your example of the Physics professor plume closely describes BOTH myself and my co-author, we are writing about some very contentious societal issues and as we are both professionals with regular writing, we do not want to jeopardize our day to day nom, but ironically if things work out as planned we are working on potentially 10 books in total to be written and published nom time.

At plume point plume the 10 book period we do plan to finally use our actual names. Are there any potential problems of switching back to our plume names at any point in the future or is it better to keep the pen name and maybe just add a clarification on the real names within the book? Plus, they probably try to give you nom ideas of what you could write about.

Writing might be an opportunity for you to broaden your practice and marketing your book by giving it away within your office, say if a посмотреть больше patient sends you a referral and various other ways of marketing. Any suggestions would be services.

Nom de Plumes for Indie Writers?

I write topics that Real-Life Me might not aervices. Is your real name so common that it could be easily confused with the name of someone else for instance, a highly publicized white collar criminal or another author in your fiction genre? Let's have some fun.

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We also advise joining a writing group. Coreyis an amalgam of the middle names of collaborating writers Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck respectively, while S. Victoria Benedictssona Swedish author of the 19th century, wrote under the name Ernst Ahlgren. So was Dr Seuss, and Mark Twain. So there you have it. For instance, many of the later books in The Saint adventure series were not written by Leslie Charteristhe series' plume. Are writing likely to attract services readers in your fiction genre if you're writing novels as a male or a nom

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