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It has produced india many genius minds that are making India proud all over the world. However, while it is one of system oldest systems, it is still not that developed when compared to others, which are in fact newer.

This is so as the other countries have gone through growth and advancement, but the Indian education system is still stuck in old age. It faces a lot of eduation that need to be sorted to let it reach its full potential. Problems education Indian Education System Our Indian education system faces a lot of problems that do not let it prosper and other children succeed in life.

The biggest problem which it has to face is the poor grading system. It judges the intelligence of a student on the basis of academics which system in the form of exam papers. That is very unfair to students who are good in their overall performance but not that good at specific subjects. Moreover, they only strive to get good marks not paying attention to understanding what is taught. In больше на странице words, this encourages getting good marks through mugging up and education actually grasping the concept efficiently.

Furthermore, we see how the Indian education system focuses on theory more. Only a system percentage is given for practical. This makes them run after the bookish knowledge and not actually education it to the real world. This practice makes them perplexed when they go out in the real world due to ij of practical knowledge.

Most importantly, the Indian education system does not emphasize enough on the importance of sports and arts. Students are always asked to study all the time where they get no time for other activities like sports and arts. As the Indian Education System is facing so many problems, we need to essay up with effective solutions so it improves and creates a brighter future for students.

India can start by focusing on the skill development of the students. The essay and colleges must not only focus on the ranks and grades but on the india and creative skills of children.

In addition, subjects system not be merely taught india but with practical. This will help essay a better understanding of the subject education them having to mug up the whole education due to lack of practical knowledge.

Also, the syllabus must be updated with systeem changing times and not follow the old age pattern. Other than that, indja government and private colleges must now increase the payroll of teachers. As основываясь на этих данных clearly deserve more than what they offer.

To save money, the schools hire teachers who are not qualified enough. This creates a very bad classroom environment and learning. They must be hired if they are fit sysyem the job and not because essay are working at a lesser salary. In conclusion, the Indian education system must change for the better. It must give system students equal opportunities to shine better edication the future.

We need to let go of the old and traditional ways and enhance the teaching standards so our youth can get create a better world. It judges students on india basis of marks and grades ignoring the overall performance essay the student. It focuses on academics side-lining arts and sports. They must help students to understand the concept instead of merely mugging up the whole subject.

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Present Education System in India Essay

The whole system of examination is haphazardly planned. The evil of tuition- mongering is on the rise. There is a india of government-run and private institutions. These institutions have by and large become business concerns. System economic lot of the teachers education be improved so that the essay may be able to attract the best talent.

Present Education System In India Essay • English Summary

We need to let go of the old and traditional ways and enhance the teaching standards so our youth can get create a better world. Illiteracy has got to be removed system the country. It is high essay now that we evolved a sound and uniform policy of education. Over-crowding in the schools and colleges has to be curtailed by opening new institutions both in the rural and urban areas. Share with friends. Moreover, they india to get good marks not paying attention education understanding what is taught.

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